About me

About me

Italian translator Elisabetta Nicotra

tedesco, inglese, spagnolo e italiano sono le lingue parlate da NICOTRAnslations


Elisabetta Nicotra, Italian freelance translator

Marketing translations for e-commerce and websites

English, German, Spanish > Italian

ANITI member – Italian National Association for Translators and Interpreters

My name is Elisabetta Nicotra and I’m an Italian translator. I enjoy learning new languages and have been a translator since 2020. I’m a marketing specialist and I assist companies in entering the Italian market by translating marketing texts for e-commerce and websites.

Elisabetta Nicotra's education
  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication at the University of Trieste (SSLMIT – Specialised School for Interpreters and Translators) in 2018
  • Master’s degree in Specialised Translation at the University of Trieste (SSLMIT – Specialised School for Interpreters and Translators) in 2020
  • Master’s degree in Global Marketing, Communication, and Made in Italy at Centro Studi Comunicare l’Impresa in 2021
  • Continuos professional development (CPD) with specialised courses in translation, marketing, web design and copywriting
Elisabetta Nicotra's certificates

Continuing professional development is essential to improve your skills. For this reason, I still attend interesting translation courses and other webinars. IPEC, Cambridge, DELE, and Goethe are just a few of the most significant language credentials I’ve earned recently. In addition, I received my SDL Trados Studio certificate, which is a must-have tool for translators, and I learned how to use the Microsoft Office Suite.

I’m a member of the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters (ANITI) and a volunteer at TED and the NGO “Translators Without Borders.”

Elisabetta Nicotra's professional experiences

Although I’m a marketing specialist, I’ve translated different texts (literary, technical, legal, medical, etc.). I worked as an intern in Italy and abroad, both at the translation agency Linklab in Trieste (Italy) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany (ITKAM in Leipzig, Germany). I also volunteered at many film festivals and subtitled a Spanish film for the Latin American Film Festival. For my final dissertation, I translated the children’s book “Olivia Shakespeare” by the famous Spanish writer Sofía Rhei. I also worked as a hostess at several national and international events, including the G20 summit.

These experiences taught me how to interact with international customers and how to improve and learn new skills. They were essential for recognising the importance of foreign languages and marketing in my career.

I’ve successfully run my business since 2020. The name NICOTRAnslations combines my surname “Nicotra” and the word “Translations.” Without a doubt, translations are at the heart of my business. NICOTRAnslations offers high-quality language services to assist you in breaking down language barriers and entering the Italian market. The red syllable “tra” (meaning “between” in English) emphasises that only by building a relationship between two cultures can a message be successfully conveyed.

In 2023, I launched my mentoring programme for translators Lost in translation to help junior translators find their way in the translation industry and start a successful career as a freelancer.

Elisabetta Nicotra's value
Elisabetta Nicotra's value are trust, communication, respect, passion, transparency and precision

Building genuine relationships with my customers based on mutual trust and respect is critical to me. Effective communication is essential to understand your needs and provide the best service. For a one-to-one consultation, contact me!