mentoring PROGRAMME for translators

Would you like to work as a freelance translator but you don’t know how to start your career? Here you can find the right solution! 

With my mentoring programme for translators “Lost in translation” you can find your way in the translation industry!

Mentoring programme "Lost in transaltion"

When you work as a freelance translator, you also run a business. As a result, you must deal with numerous side tasks and acquire many additional skills in order to build a successful business.

This mentoring programme for translators will teach you how to create a strong brand identity, send out successful applications, find your ideal clients using effective marketing strategies, set your rates for your services, and much more.

Contact me right away to start your career in translation!

Main topics of the mentoring programme by NICOTRAnslations
Main topics of the mentoring programme are personal branding, CV and cover letter, marketing strategies, Linkedin and websites, rates.

With this mentoring programme for translators, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start your career in the translation industry as a freelancer. I’ll provide you with a personalised feedback and a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

Choose a course with 1:1 personalised lessons tailored to your level to help you find your way in your dream career and achieve your objectives. Begin your career in the translation industry right away!

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